The Market House - News


Job Vacancy

Article Date: 6th November 2019
Part time Care taker - self employed role

Townscape Heritage Scheme Works Have Started

Article Date: 3rd November 2019
Focusing on the entrance to the building to make it much more welcoming and attractive both externally and internally by revealing its magnificent architectural features.

We are OPEN

Article Date: 20th September 2019
We just love our new sign. Thanks to Lex Designs it looks amazing

Repairs and Essential Maintenance

Article Date: 4th August 2019
We are having some essential repairs done. Follow our progress here.

About St Austell Market House

Article Date: 1st April 2019
At present the Market House board of Directors are working with partner organisations and Townscape Heritage Initiatives to develop a programme of restoration and renovation.

Board of Directors - New Members

Article Date: 1st April 2019
As a board of volunteers, we aim to keep you posted as and when we can. If you haven't from us for a while its because we are beavering away in the back ground so please feel free to contact us.

Upcoming Events

Christmas Late Night Shopping and St Austell Town Light Switch On

Tuesday 26th November 2019